ClearCare Launches Home Connect API for Home Care Solutions

ClearCare, home care technology Platform provider, announced the Home Connect API. The API enables home care providers to connect to health plans, hospitals, doctors, and other players in the healthcare ecosystem. By seamlessly connecting home care agencies with the applicable medical, billing, or insurance firm, ClearCare hopes to increase the affordability and accessibility of home care.

A driving factor behind ClearCare's API launch was a recent announcement from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that home care will become reimbursable under Medicare Advantage plans starting in 2019. With home care suddenly more affordable, home care agencies should see increased demand; and in turn, a greater need for streamlined communication between home care providers and other stakeholders in the payment, healthcare, insurance, and delivery spaces.

ClearCare describes the Home Connect API as an "enterprise class API system in home enable enterprise-class home care agencies to make interoperability, standards, quality, and transparency part of [their] value proposition." While public Documentation is not currently available, ClearCare has shared that the API allows for data to flow in and out of home care providers' systems which should allow users to gain better access to prospects and applications, conversion rates for both clients and new hires, optimization for operations, and more. To learn more, complete this form.

The API is currently available for enterprise customers. ClearCare has a beta release available for smaller users. Check out the platform site to learn more about the full suite of ClareCare services.

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