Clearent Launches Developer Center, V2 of its Transaction API

Clearent, one of the nation's fastest-growing payment processing companies, has launched the Clearent Developer Center. Alongside the Developer Center launch, Clearent released version 2.0 of its Transaction API. The payment processing Transaction API grants developers a variety of Integration points and enables a seamless transaction experience for customers. The Developer Center includes easy-to-understand API documentation, code samples and more resources designed to simplify integration of the Clearent Platform.

“When we set out to develop our payments API, we wanted to provide developers with a solution that would help their customers streamline their operations and accept payments at each and every touch point. The Clearent payments platform does just that while helping developers speed their time to market and reduce their dependence on third-party gateway providers,” Clearent CEO Dan Geraty said in a press release

Clearent offers an end-to-end payment system with direct connections to payment networks. Because of its unique position in the payment processing industry, Clearent offers flexible pricing options, next day funding, revenue-sharing programs and other benefits that offer value against its competitors. Its strategy allows Clearent users to avoid expensive and cumbersome middleware. New API features available with the 2.0 release include detailed response messages, consistent coding, detailed Error Handling and new code samples.

The Transaction API uses REST protocol. Calls are returned in either an XML or JSON data format. The API enables SWIFT integration of Clearent's payment processing platform with e-commerce sites, shopping carts, custom applications, mobile payment applications and point-of-sale systems. Transaction examples include sale, authorization, capture, forced sale, refund and void. To learn more, visit the API docs

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