Clearleap Integrates IRIS.TV API in New Partnership

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IRIS.TV, the premiere in-player video recommendation engine, and Clearleap, the leading provider of multiscreen video logistics for the television industry, have announced a new partnership to integrate IRIS.TV's API into Clearleap's existing Platform. The partnership creates a comprehensive, personalized and customizable playlist option for OTT offerings across all devices.

The combined Clearleap and IRIS.TV solution will enable OTT service providers to deliver a viewing experience that increases audience engagement, reduces churn rates and delivers more customers and revenue.

"Our mission at Clearleap is to provide the platform necessary for our customers and their viewers to access any video they want, when they want it, and on the device that is most convenient for them," said Clearleap CEO Braxton Jarratt. "The logical next step is taking this choice to the next level by providing viewers with curated playlists that cater to their personal preferences. As consumers become more savvy about what content they choose to watch across their devices, it will become more and more important for content owners and service providers to offer this capability."

IRIS.TV's programmatic video delivery technology, Adaptive Stream™, has increased video consumption by 30-50% or more across all of its clients' implementations. IRIS.TV clients currently include: Tribune Publishing, Woven Digital, OVGuide, The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard among others.

By integrating the IRIS.TV API in their video players and mobile apps, IRIS.TV's clients, and now Clearleap's, ensure their viewers see the most relevant streams of video. With IRIS.TV installed, viewers' feedback is captured in real-time through interactive buttons, allowing the stream to dynamically update to changing viewer preferences. IRIS.TV's personalization has a proven track record for increasing audience engagement and retention across both short and long form video content.

"As the market shifts to more scalable multiscreen technologies, personalization technologies have been in high demand," Robert Bardunias, CRO IRIS.TV stated. "Having an opportunity to establish a strong partnership with an innovative platform, like Clearleap, to offer a unified turnkey solution for personalization and scalability across all devices, will benefit clients of all sizes - especially as the market continues to evolve."

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