ClimaCell Announces Weather API Improvements Following Dark Sky API’s Demise

Last month’s announcement that Apple had purchased the popular Dark Sky weather app, and would be killing the API, left a significant void in the weather API landscape. It appears that ClimaCell is hoping to fill this void with well-timed advancements to its ClimaCell Weather API.

Andrew Orr, a writer for, made the observation earlier today that ClimaCell’s announcement of UI improvements and API enhancements is likely more than a coincidence. The company’s newly designed User Interface is aimed at highlighting the way that weather data affects life more broadly. Specifically, the UI highlights Road Risk, Wildfires, and Air Quality. ClimaCell also notes improved customizability in an effort to ensure the best User Experience possible in all applications. The API also sees the addition of a new data layer that will provide access to a proprietary index analyzing pollen seasonality. 

The API has a free tier for developers that are looking to test out the Platform. Anyone requiring over 30,000 calls/month will need to above to paid tiers. Make sure to check out the API Documentation for more detail. 

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