Cloud Elements Announces API for Data Mapping and Transformation

Cloud Elements, a cloud-based API management and Integration solution provider, has announced the industry's "first data mapping and transformation" APIs, Element Mapper. Element Mapper hopes to reduces both time and costs traditionally associated with the building, normalization, mapping and data transformation between cloud service endpoints. Completely API-based, Element Mapper allows developers to embed a User Interface into an app for drag-and-drop mapping.

"We're the first API built for the world of 'many' — many APIs, with many unique data structures that all need to work together within many integrations," Mark Geene, Cloud Elements co-founder and CEO, said in a press release. "Our new mapper API makes it easy for developers to programmatically move data between endpoints. With the launch of Element Mapper, we are delivering the latest in a series of innovations that make API integration easier and more elegant."

Traditional data mapping models require point-to-point integrations. Each data object maintains an Endpoint, and the numerous connections create a difficult web of mappings that becomes unruly to make sense of. Element Mapper breaks from the traditional model with its one-to-many mapping model. Developers define a single canonical data structure that connects with many endpoints.

Element Mapper is 100% API-based, and the APIs are 100% RESTful. Key features include custom data discovery through a data discovery service, default mapping and transformations for individual customers and data format transformations (e.g., date/time, numbers, strings). To learn more, visit the Element Mapper site.

Cloud Elements built its company through a service that allows developers to publish, integrate, aggregate and manage a portfolio of APIs with a unified Platform. The platform connects disparate cloud services (e.g., CRM, documents, finance). The Element Mapper expands Cloud Element's value through a data mapping service that is intuitive and easy to integrate. Whether you are using Cloud Elements' host of services, or third-party services, consider whether Element Mapper suits your data analysis needs.

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