Cloud Foundry Event Showcases Open Source PaaS

Developer interest in cloud-based application delivery platforms is expected to heighten over the next few weeks in the lead up to Cloud Foundry’s Platform industry event. Cloud Foundry, managed by Pivotal and used as a component of IBM's open cloud architecture, provides an open source, cloud-based platform on which developers can release their applications.

Launched in July after operating as a VM project for the past two and a half years, Cloud Foundry allows developers to release and scale their applications. On September 8 and 9, Cloud Foundry is hosting Platform, an industry event for early adopters of the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Speaking with ProgrammableWeb, James Watters, Product Head and Andy Piper, Developer Advocate said:

“What’s really unique is that we treat applications as the unit of development. Developers don’t need to know about operating system configuration.

At the time of deployment, a developer can use Cloud Foundry builtpacks that natively support Java, Spring, nodes or Ruby, or can request runtime Builds. Once the push is complete, the application is up and running.”

The Platform event will showcase a diversity of use cases including those from Warner Music and Intel. A third of the conference time is set aside for an unconference format, similar to that used at the recent API Craft conference, and reported on by Lorinda Brandon.

One of the expectations is that participants will be interested in hearing more about Cloud Foundry’s forthcoming API release. James Watters told us:

"We live in a RESTful age, so having a RESTful API is important to us. We already have great Integration with services like SendGrid, and an API will help Big Data cloud applications and mobile. We’re using HTTP and REST to build the API and expect that it will be available as a provision with a service plan."

Platform will be held in Santa Clara, California on 7 & 8 September. Developers can register online.

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