Cloud Foundry Foundation Announces Open Service Broker API Project

The Cloud Foundry Foundation announced its new Open Service Broker API project. The project aims to empower developers, ISVs, and SaaS providers with an API to deliver services to apps running on cloud native platforms (e.g. Cloud Foundy, OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc.). The project team includes representatives from Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Pivotal, RedHat, and SAP.

"Enterprise architectures remain complex,"Cloud Foundry Foundation Executive Director, Abby Kearns, said in a press release. "A consistent model for exposing capabilities to developers across architecture ensures these organizations focus on developing and deploying applications that truly differentiate their business. We are excited to work with key leaders across multiple organizations to continue to develop this capability."

The project team aims to 1: define and evolve the Open Service Broker API as a specification along with a release process that supports downstream implementations, 2: produce a conformance test suite that verifies consumer and producer behavior, and 3: advocate wide industry adoption that supports the end user community. While the Service Broker API was originally developed for the Cloud Foundry platform, the project is now open source with the intention to build an industry standard through the collaboration of the entire cloud ecosystem.

The Service Broker API provides a single route for developers to add services to apps. Configuring against a single API that reaches across various platforms could enable swift expansion of a global cloud ecosystem. Many companies have already experimented with service broker offerings. Developing an industry standard will avoid competing approaches from disparate cloud platforms.

While the current project team includes tech industry juggernauts, Cloud Foundry invites broader participation from the entire developer community. Those interested can converse with the team on Slack, join the Google Group, and monitor progress on GitHub. Kearns hopes this open source approach will allow the project to "build a foundation for an ecosystem that transcends a single ensure an open process of collaboration and evolution of the API."

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