Cloud Spending Service Adds Pricing: Free up to $2,500

The company tracking cloud spending will now let you spend money on its service. Cloudability believes that with more businesses are moving to the cloud, monitoring the costs is becoming important. Now it's put a price on that importance, including a free plan that will track up to $2,500 per month on more than 80 services, including AWS platforms like Amazon EC2. Of course, there's a Cloudability API so you can get at your data however you want.

The first 50 ProgrammableWeb readers can get the second tier for free by using the code PWStopOverages.

The company recently raised $1.1 million, so it's found others to buy into its concept. Perhaps its largest challenge is that there aren't many--or, perhaps, any--APIs that offer usage and billing data. But like many things, we have to see it before we realize it's useful. Hopefully Cloudability will usher in new API endpoints from providers that shares one's own spending data.

Cloudability claims to have over 1,000 companies signed up, though it's unclear how many are paying for the service. When it launched as a public beta, you could track up to $10,000 per month for free. Now that will cost you $49 per month, though the free plan lets you track up to $2,500.

Disclosure: Cloudability is part of a business incubator where I am a technical mentor


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[...] be surprised if we saw a response from Amazon at some point,” said Mat Ellis from the cloud spending tracker company Cloudability. “Cost only becomes important at scale, which might explain the focus on [...]