CloudCulate Launches Unified API for Development with Spreadsheet Data

33 Software LLC, a developer-owned company that is working to simplify the process of web app development via spreadsheets, has launched a new Platform and API. The backbone of the new platform, which is called CloudCulate, is a unified API that allows developers to easily integrate spreadsheet data from disparate sources.

The new CloudCulate APITrack this API is RESTful and will facilitate Integration with both Google Sheets and XLSX files. CloudCulate aims to provide developers with a secure and scalable way to manage these files and remove all the common pain points from integrating spreadsheets in applications. Evan Delodder, CEO of 33 Software noted the difficulty generally associated with this process:

“Communicating with spreadsheets as dynamic data sources, whether it be Google Sheets or XLSX files, is traditionally a time-consuming, painful, and costly development experience. It's virtually impossible to get by without having to set up some version of your own server environment, not to mention the coding, licensing and maintenance aspects,"

The company is offering a free trial that is limited to one developer and 3,000 calls during the trials 2-week duration. Beyond that, the company is offering standard, medium, and enterprise tiers that offer increasing levels of API calls, workbook capacities, and cell limits.

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