Cloudera Announces Big Data Developer Kit

Cloudera, leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services, has announced the Cloudera Developer Kit (CDK). The CDK will help developers build apps in Hadoop environments without needing enhanced Big Data skill sets. It includes API libraries, Sample Code, Documentation and tools that will lower entry costs and time needed to actively participate in the big data space. Cloudera Engineering Manager, Eric Sammer, commented:

"At Cloudera we are not just Hadoop providers; we're also consumers who know first-hand the challenges developers can face when working with Hadoop....The new Cloudera Development Kit is one of the many ways we're sharing our deep expertise with the community."

The first module in the new CDK consists of the CDK Data Module (i.e. a set of APIs that simplifies working with Hadoop data sets). In line with Cloudera's continual commitment to open source, the CDK will remain completely open and Cloudera welcomes developers to contribute. Join the CDK Development group to add to the conversation.

The Data Module enables logical abstraction from storage subsystems. Through the API, developers can read and write records directly to storage. All CDK modules and tools can be found at the GitHub page. Consuming, contributing, and utilizing Cloudera's new offering will remain completely free.

Cloudera continues to lead in the cloud-based big data space. The CDK represents the latest addition to its growing portfolio of big data tools and perpetuates its belief in open source, big data projects. Join the CDK community to participate in a sure fit big data gem.

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