Cloudfier API Grants Access to Business Web App Functionality

Business applications created on the Cloudfier Platform inherently contain an API that grants full access to app functionality through the Cloudfier API. Cloudfier allows users to define a business centric solution with Cloudfier’s business programming language. After the solution is defined, the platform automatically creates a web application. Cloudfier was built on Elipse Orion and aims to move towards a new type of development.

Cloudfier was created by Abstratt Technologies. Abstratt’s sole existence is stamped atop of its entire web presence: “We have one obsession: stopping people from writing so much code.”Cloudfier constitutes Abstratt’s product approach to streamlining code development. Browse sample apps created with Cloudfier to get a better understanding.

The Cloudfier API uses REST protocol. All functionality Cloudfier apps maintain are available through the API. Sample methods include user identification and object creation. For more information, visit the API site.

Many have suggested that computer programming will become the first “second language” that kids learn. As humanity continues to integrate its very existence with the digital realm at an ever increasing rate, perhaps such a suggestion is not farfetched. Cloudfier wants to simplify such language capabilities. Check out Cloufier today, and consider being an early adopter.

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