Cloudflare Launches Cloudflare Apps Platform

Today, Cloudflare launched its new Cloudflare Apps Platform. The Platform enables developers to build apps within the Cloudflare ecosystem for distribution through the Cloudflare Apps store. Further, the platform enables website owners to integrate third-party services to internet apps. Alongside the new platform launch, Cloudflare announced a $100 million fund to support developers in their building within the Cloudflare Apps ecosystem.

"Prior to today, if you wanted to write code that took full advantage of Cloudflare's global network you needed to be a Cloudflare employee," Cloudflare CEO, Matthew Prince, commented in a company blog post announcement. "Today, we open that access to the rest of the world."

The company claims that by introducing the platform both technical and non-technical website owners alike can more easily develop internet applications and distribute such applications to users through Cloudflare's CDN. To date, Cloudflare has spent most of its resources building out its CDN.

A Cloudflare app constitutes a set of JavaScript and/or CSS files that run a given website and the application install file that lets Cloudflare know how to use the files. Once a Cloudflare app is created, Cloudflare Apps makes it easier for other users of the Cloudflare network to find your tool/app. Potential users can Live Preview your tool without installation, customize your app with a simple configuration UI, easily find your app, demo your app on any website with customizable preview links, and easily receive updates and new releases. To learn more, visit the docs.

Cloudflare has published a number of resources to get users started. Learn how to create an app at the the Cloudflare app page. Check out the list of app ideas for inspiration. Check out the developer site to get started. To learn more about the venture capital Cloudflare has made available to help you build your app, visit the fund site.

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