Cloudflare Moves Workers Unbound Into General Availability

Cloudflare announced the beta release of Workers Unbound, the company’s serverless Platform for developers, in July of 2020 and is today moving the product into general availability. Alongside this announcement, Cloudflare has updated the Workers Unbound pricing model and added additional functionality.

Throughout the beta availability, Cloudflare received feedback from participants, resulting in several modifications to the platform. First up, Cloudflare is adding extended CPU limits of up to 30 seconds for HTTP requests to the Workers Paid plan for Workers Unbound. Additionally, in terms of new functionality, the company has added access to the beta version of Cron Triggers to the platform. The Cron Triggers Documentation notes that “Cron Triggers allow users to map a Cron expression to a Worker script using a ScheduledEvent listener that enables Workers to be executed on a schedule.”

Cloudflare has also adjusted the pricing model for egress from $0.09 per GB to $0.045 per GB. The company has also expanded its $5/month offering to include more usage at the same cost.

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