Cloudflare Stream Now Generally Available

Cloudflare, internet performance and security company, has announced the general availability of Cloudflare Stream. Cloudflare Stream allows website owners and app developers to easily integrate video through a single API call. Instead of relying on third party video providers (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.), or managing the infrastructure needed to deliver end to end video (i.e. encoder, CDN, client-side code), Cloudflare Stream provides a democratized video Platform that developers of all sizes can leverage.

Cloudflare initially launched a beta version of Stream last September. Thousands of customers have signed up and utilized the platform since then. With customers like Rave and Raspberry Pi thrilled with the beta version, Cloudflare has mighty expectations now that the platform is GA. Cloudflare's CEO, Matthew Prince, gave an indication of just how game-changing Stream can be to the industry:

“A developer on our team was literally able to build a full-featured video sharing service over a weekend," Prince commented in a press release. "Get ready for an explosion of apps that use video in innovative, new ways—all powered by Cloudflare Stream.”

A single API Request allows a developer to upload a video, and receive an embed code. On the backend, Cloudflare takes care of the encoding, storing, delivery and format/bitrate to optimize.  Once the developer receives the embed code, the code will work on any domain, whether on Cloudflare or not.

Stream's entry price is extremely affordable for the video space. At $1 per thousand minutes viewed, there is little barrier to entry. Cloudflare has custom enterprise pricing for larger use cases. For more information, check out the Stream product page or the developer docs.

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