Cloudflare Unifies Analytics Data With New GraphQL API

Cloudflare has recently announced the release of a new GraphQL Analytics API that the company sees as the answer to complications caused by a fragmented multi-API approach it had used until now. Using the new API Cloudflare customers will be able to access all performance, security, and reliability data from a single Endpoint

Cloudflare noted in the announcement of the new API that while the company only had a few products a multi-API approach data accessibility had worked well. As the company’s portfolio grew, so did the number of associated APIs, leading to confusion for customers that were unsure of what APIs handled various functionality. This approach was also leading to a bottleneck in the development of new metrics. Cloudflare outlined the confusion by stating:

“We couldn’t expect users to adopt a new analytics API every time they started using a new product. In fact, some of the customers and partners that were relying on many of our products were already becoming confused by the various APIs.”

The new GraphQL Analytics API hopes to solve this by bringing all this data to one point of access. Additionally, the new API enables a granular approach to data accessibility by allowing developers control over which domains they need metrics reported on, even if that means several metrics from several domains all at once. This functionality is especially important when attempting to analyze the benefits of recent changes to domain management.

The GraphQL Analytics API is available now and users are encouraged to check out the “Getting Started” guide in the developer Documentation

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