Cloudinary Adds Responsive Image Breakpoints Technology to its Image Management API

Today, Cloudinary announced enhancements to its cloud-based image management APIs. To help developers overcome challenges associated with image dimension determinations, Cloudinary introduced responsive image breakpoints technology within the API. In addition, Cloudinary released a Responsive Breakpoints Generator tool that gives users access to such functionality via a Web-based tool. 

"Web developers have long been frustrated with managing images for responsive Web designs," Nadav Soferman, Cloudinary co-founder and Chief Product Officer, commented in a press release. "Cloudinary's Responsive Breakpoints solution enable developer to automatically select breakpoints for their images by analyzing each high-resolution image and determining the best dimensions for responsive website designs. The technology intelligently selects only the scaled down versions that significant reduce the file size, which ultimately improves User Experience and reduces costs."

With an ever-increasing number of devices with different screen sizes hitting the market, responsive website design has become the standard. Managing image size across the plethora of devices in a responsive Web design environment has become a major challenge. The manpower and Resource overhead associated with adjusting dimensions, file sizes, and image versions becomes too cumbersome to manage at scale. Programmatic access to both file creation and breakpoint selection provides automated options with less resource consumption.

The Responsive Breakpoints Generator tool is Web-based, open source tool that allows Web developers to utilize Cloudinary's new APIs. The tool matches breakpoints for each image based on given thresholds. Optional aspect ratio adaptations and retina display customizations are available. Cloudinary's algorithms analyze uploaded images to find optimal breakpoints instead of proposing all possible resolutions.

Users can generate breakpoints for multiple image formats (e.g. JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, etc.). Users can select breakpoints in the format originally uploaded, or select a new format using the settings feature. API access allows users to include the functionality within an organization's existing image editing workflow. To learn more, visit the Responsive Breakpoints Generator site

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