CloudMade: Using OpenStreetMap to Chart the Future of Mapping

CloudMade: Using OpenStreetMap to Chart the Future of Mapping

CloudMade, a geospatial services provider that utilizes the open source map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) (our OpenStreetMap API Profile), recently released a new CloudMade Platform that includes access to various mapping tools and APIs for geo developers including Geocoding and Geosearch, Location Management,Map Tiles, Routing, and Vector tiles (alpha). CloudMade says that the combination of the rapidly growing community sourced mapping data of OSM and their new APIs are the future of mapping. The new API that provides access to map tiles displays OSM data in six different styles (including the "Midnight Commander" map style displayed below).

CloudMade Style

Per the CloudMade blog:

The CloudMade Developer Zone has all the resources developers need to get started building awesome location based applications. Here are some highlights: * Video Tutorials Video tutorials are a great way to get started with a new tool quickly. We’re going to be publishing lots more screen casts, like this one about our Style Editor:

CloudMade StyleEditor ScreenCast from CloudMade on Vimeo. If you’ve been using any of our tools or APIs, you can create a screen cast and have it featured on the site. You could show how to make an amazing map style using the Style Editor, how to take our Ruby API and integrate it into a Rails application or how to use our open source repositories to modify our iPhone Maps Library. Email in your screen casts here and we’ll get back to you. * Open Source Libraries and APIs We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started using our services. So that you can be up and running with as little hassle as possible, we have open source libraries for Ruby, Java, Python and iPhone Objective-C. From the Developer Zone you can browse and check-out the Source Code, join the project and contribute back to the community. There’s also step-by-step tutorials for each library and wiki pages where you can add any tips you might have.

You can check out the complete list of mapping APIs and libraries at the CloudMade Developer Zone, including clients libraries for the iPhone and J2ME and server libraries for Python, Ruby, and Java. Developers also will need to sign up for an API key. You can get more details at our new directory profile for the CloudMade API. And that means there are now 77 mapping APIs in our API directory.

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