CloudRail's Universal API Now Supports Xamarin

CloudRail, API Integration provider, has released a version of its unified interface product for Xamarin, a popular web and mobile app building Platform. Xamarin pitches itself as a user friendly platform to build cross-platform applications. CloudRail positions itself as a single API/ SDK provider that enables users to access a multitude of other popular APIs (e.g. Dropbox, Stripe, Facebook, etc.) without integrating individually with each API. The CloudRail version supporting Xamarin allows Xamarin to handle the cross platform functionality (e.g. single code base for Android, iOS, and Windows), while CloudRail handles third party API integrations.

This offering may seem a bit strange, as it requires developers aiming to simply API integration and cross platform support to integrate with two additional platforms. CloudRail claims that the offering actually simplifies the environment, because API integration within Xamarin is currently kludge at best through the use of Xamarin Components. But, CloudRail by itself has been questioned as a viable, scalable tool, as PW's David Berlin previously pointed out. Whether adding another platform to the mix helps or hinders will play out in time.

CloudRail is using its same universal API strategy for its Xamarin product. Through its unified interface, CloudRail will maintain the individual APIs up-to-date so the developer need only interact with the CloudRail API. CloudRail has published Android and iOS SDKs for Xamarin. To get started, users need to download the applicable SDK.

CloudRail has published complete instructions for getting setup with Xamarin in a blog post announcement. Those interested must first visit the developer portal and sign up for a free license key. Like CloudRail's previous offerings, the Xamarin product is free to use.

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