CloudVector Introduces API Shark for API Discovery and Observability

CloudVector, API threat protection Platform provider, recently introduced API Shark. API Shark is an API discovery and observability tool. As APIs are rapidly introduced to public, private, and internal systems; API Shark automatically discovers such APIs when DevOps teams may not be able to.

"Part of the reason that APIs are a huge risk is because developers are under pressure to deliver, but they don't have time to register and maintain an API catalog," Ravi Bulapari, CloudVector founder and vice president, commented in a press release. "We are offering the powerful functionality of API Shark to the community for free so that DevOps and SecOps teams can automate this tedious process."

API Shark is currently available for Kubernetes environments. It is a free tool to use. Those interested can download the tool at the API Shark site. There, DevOps and SecOps teams can see examples of the dashboards and reports available through API Shark.

At release, API shark includes automated API catalogs that allow discovered APIs to be included in inventories of enterprise API assets. It includes proactive risk assessments that generate API blueprints that identify risks. Deep API monitoring tracks all API calls and API Payload metrics in real-time. Finally, deployment is seamless with no code changes needed to adjust to infrastructure changes.

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