Clypd Launches API for Automated Television Advertising

clypd, television advertising Platform and service provider, has launched an API for television advertising: the TVonTap API. The API represents a fundamental shift in the TV ad space, as the API allows for automation. Automation enables the ability for TV ads to be driven by data and should alter the methods by which ad space is bought and sold.


clypd Chief Technology Officer, Joel Melby, explained:

The television advertising industry has existed for more than 70 years, giving it a long time to evolve from its analog roots into an extremely complicated business and technical environment….The ways in which television advertising works are fundamentally different from the world of digital advertising. This API presents television advertising in a way that takes into consideration the expectations of automated demand platforms, giving all TV advertising stakeholders the ability to speak a common language.

Many stakeholders exist in the TV advertising workflow/target/buy/sell/execute process. The API allows for all of the parties involved to access ads through a single, common language. In development, clypd partnered with many digital marketing industry leaders (i.e. Accordant Media, BrightRoll, Collective, DataXu, Google/Doubleclick Bid Manager, The Trade Desk, TubeMogul and Turn) to create the API. clypd already has partners lined up on the demand side and television inventory. Cox Media’s VP of National Platform Sales, Brian Davis, explained:

Cox Media's pursuit of advanced programmatic advertising solutions for television led us to our partnership with clypd….Our data-driven development efforts provide the ability for advertisers to find their target audiences in an effective and efficient manner. We are pleased that clypd is working to adopt industry standards that accelerate television advertising innovation.

The API includes two sets of interactions: campaign level and creative/ad copy level. The campaign level interactions are comprised of Order Operations and Notification Operations. The creative/ad copy level interactions is comprised of the Creative Operations. For more information, visit the API site and register for access. Television has been driven by ad revenues for over 70 years. TV ads continue to lead as the most engaging ads available; however, TV ad technology has not progressed with the rest of the digital world. Widely adopted standards in the mobile and web ad space have enabled scale at a rapid rate. However, the adopted standards fail to translate well in the TV space. clypd and its partners aim to change the stuck in the past trend with a single standard to revolutionize TV advertising.

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