Coca-Cola to Launch New Developer Portal and APIs Site

Coca-Cola will launch a new developer site, powered by Apigee, to simplify the process of accessing and using the company's internal and public-facing APIs. Coca-Cola is just one of the many enterprises leveraging APIs for marketing, operations, mobile app development and more. In June, ProgrammableWeb reported that Oreo is using APIs to build and promote a groundbreaking digital marketing and social campaign in China.


Most of the APIs used by Coca-Cola are internal and not public facing. However, successful APIs are having an impact on the company's entire operations. Kevin Flowers, CTO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, spoke at the Business of APIs Conference in December 2013. In a presentation at the conference, he said:

Our [Coca-Cola's] entire operations are now impacted by successful APIs. We're an operations company. We run distribution, manufacturing, sales — so those operations, everything from procurement to our customer engagement programs, or supply chain, everything now has APIs enabling it. And I think that's a really important point because we're not a dot-com.

Internal production APIs used by Coca-Cola include Foursquare, Amazon S3, Twilio, SmartPay, Salesforce Chatter. There is also a Coca Cola Enterprises API powered by Mashery that allows the company's customers, suppliers, consumers and partners to build innovative CCE Web and mobile applications.

Coca-Cola is also using APIs to create innovative IoT-to-business applications. Nordic APIs reported in April that Coca-Cola had programmed vending machines to perform self-diagnostics. When the program determines that repairs are needed, the vending machine utilizes the Twilio API to send a text to repair contractors requesting that the machine be serviced. According to Computerworld UK, Coca-Cola started using APIs earlier this year to build and promote a Coke rewards consumer-loyalty-type marketing strategy.

When it comes to public-facing APIs, Flowers said at the Business of APIs Conference:

From a public-facing API strategy, we really are not expecting our corporation [Cola-Cola] necessarily to be one that there's a large developer community just hacking and growing and building applications on our data. Where we see the public facing is we're able to leverage the APIs to an extended developer community. So for us it would be more going to mobile developers or cloud-based platforms to say, "Look, here's the data. Let's work together and innovate" versus a developer community.

Find out more about the existing Coca-Cola Enterprises API at the official Coke CCE website.

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