Code for Change Myanmar to Host a Second Hackathon

Code for Change Myanmar, the organization responsible for Myanmar's first-ever hackathon, has announced a second hackathon to take place next month. The Business Solutions Hackathon tasks developers with finding solutions to problems that face local businesses. The two-day event will commence on Sept. 5 and last through the weekend.

Myanmar, a country with a long history of military control and oppression, enjoyed its first hackathon last March. More than 70 developers formed 11 teams and tackled a host of problems brought to Code for Myanmar by nongovernmental organizations. In a country where hackathons are largely unknown, Code for Change Myanmar looks to build on the momentum of the first hackathon. David Madden, Code for Change Myanmar's founder, explained:

The purpose of this hackathon is to develop technology solutions to some of the challenges that are faced by small and medium businesses in Myanmar. ... But we have this other objective, which is to help the growth and the development of the technology community.

Code for Change Myanmar strongly believes in the power of hackathons but acknowledges that local developers best understand local issues, and "homegrown" solutions have great capacity to make a true impact. The organization expects new apps to develop out of the hackathon, which has a two-pronged effect on the country. First, the apps are aimed at solving real-world problems (e.g., internal management issues, communication). Second, app development spurs investment and encourages economic growth.

Those interested can register to participate through Aug. 22. Those who can't make the event can participate by sending in issues by the same date. For more information, visit Code for Change Myanmar's website.

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