Code For India to Host 2nd Hackathon: Think Local, Hack Global

Code For India hosted its first hackathon last October. Building on the event’s success, and the dramatic growth in this socially focused technology community, Code For India will host its second hackathon this weekend. With the mantra, “Think Local, Hack Gobal,” in mind, developer communities in both Bangalore and Mountain View will dive into the second annual hackathon tomorrow, May 9th. 

Code For India constitutes a volunteer based community. Developers, designers, engineers, and others come together to build apps for a specific purpose: to empower marginalized communities. The community aims to attract millions of volunteer communities. With over 20 active and proposed projects already in the works, and partnerships with some of the world’s biggest names in tech, Code For India is well on its way.
Socially focused tech projects and hackathons continue to pop up around the world. Unfortunately, funding and ongoing participation is a continued concern for such groups. Code For India may already have a leg up on this problem as engineers and investors from the likes of Google, Cisco, Facebook, LinkedIn, VMware, Oracle, and more meet on a weekly basis to fuel this project. The participants are currently energized, and that trend seems to be growing.

The focus of the second hackathon will be to make India more resilient. As a developing nation, India is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes, drought, tornadoes, etc. India was chosen as it faces many of the same difficulties other developing nations endure. Developers who choose to participate can submit apps to Code for Resilience by May 11th for a chance to present to 800 disaster recovery specialists. Other focuses are also on the agenda, which can be found at the hackathon’s website.

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