Code School Releases App and API-Related Courses

Code School is an online development learning Portal that has taught more than 1 million beginning developers how to code since its release in 2011. The online development guide is complete with over 300 instructional videos in JavaScript, HTML/ CSS, Ruby, iOS and Git, and Chrome DevTools. To bring a little bit of fun to learning how to code, Code School incorporates gamification and entertaining videos, such as a zombie-apocalypse-themed suite of Ruby tutorials, to aid in the teaching process.

Code School has just released an official mobile app that opens up its Library of educational videos to help developers learn while on the go. “Code School has a rich history of teaching code over the Web, but the online education space is evolving as more people demand an anytime, anywhere experience,” said Gregg Pollack, founder and CEO of Code School. 

Connecting users to Code School's video courses, the app is free for download on iOS (with an Android release in the works for the future). Many tutorials can be viewed for free, and with a subscription users can unlock additional courses and related videos. All videos are made downloadable via the app so that developers can have instant access to their Code School content regardless of Internet availability. 

Code School hosts several API-related courses. "Surviving APIs With Rails" is a continuation of the Rails educational series that teaches beginner developers the concept of RESTful API development. From a command line interface set in a "Quarantine Zone," users can navigate through a tutorial to learn how to create and embed a Web API in order to power a music streaming service. That is, of course, after watching an animated intro music video where the characters "haven't had any REST since the zombies arose." The cheeky yet informative six-level basic API implementation course covers topics ranging from resources and GET/POST/PUT requests to Versioning and Authentication

Other courses are less gruesomely inspired. Discover Drive is a course that can be used to learn how to build an application with the Google Drive API. Sponsored by Google and produced by Code School, beginner developers can utilize the 10 levels, 14 videos and 65 challenges within the course to discover how to upload files, retrieve metadata, update and delete files, authenticate, and more to leverage the power of the Google Drive API. Using the Code School "challenge editor" on the Web interface, users can enter code to complete objectives, level up and become a proud Google Drive expert with 10 distinct badges. 

Though the challenges on these courses cannot be completed from within the Code School app, the tutorial videos can be accessed now from mobile devices to keep aspiring developers learning from wherever the zombies may chase them. 

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