Codecademy Expands APIs Curriculum: New Lessons Include Box, Evernote, Dwolla and More

Last month ProgrammableWeb reported that Codecademy had launched a new curriculum featuring website and application development using APIs. Codecademy has just announced the addition of new APIs and courses to the curriculum.


Codecademy offers a broad range of API lessons and the API lessons that have been recently added to the curriculum include:

  • Box (Ruby) - Store and share content in the cloud using Box.
  • Evernote (Ruby) - Accessing and initializing an Evernote client, creating a note object, etc.
  • OAuth2 / GitHub (Ruby) - Guide to the OAuth2 protocol using GitHub.
  • (Ruby) - Create a food ordering application using
  • Dwolla (Python) - Send money to anyone on the Internet.
  • Gilt ( JavaScript) - Get access to products available for sale on

According to the API Lessons List, SkyDrive will be added to Codecademy in the near future. SkyDrive lessons will show how to save, open and share files using the SkyDrive API.

Visit Codecademy to see all the complete list of API lessons.

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