Codecademy's New Curriculum Provides Lessons on Creating Basic API Driven Apps

Codecademy, an online teaching Platform that provides free coding courses, has just launched a new curriculum that focuses on how to build real world applications using APIs.

Codecademy API Lessons

Image Credit: Codecademy Blog

Codecademy has formed partnerships with API providers such as YouTube, Parse, Twilio, NPR, Bitly, SoundCloud and The Sunlight Foundation to create lessons that show how to create basic API driven apps.

Zach Sims, Co-Founder of Codecademy, says in the Codecademy blog post announcement that:

"APIs make it easy to create things - to make things that interface and interact with the real world and the technologies in it. For Twilio, this means interacting with phone numbers. For YouTube, it's with videos."

These new API lessons are designed to be helpful to beginning and experienced programmers alike. Codecademy also plans on adding more APIs and the company is working on creating partnerships with additional API providers.

Here are just a few of the API lessons now available at Codecademy:

  • Search for top videos on YouTube
  • Send text messages and make phone calls with Twilio
  • Get full text, audio, and photos from NPR's stories
  • Analyze US Government transcripts with Sunlight Foundation
  • Shorten and share links with Bitly
  • Search for tracks and upload your own with SoundCloud


Zach Sims describes the main goal of Codecademy in the blog post:

"Codecademy has long taught people the basics of programming and how to build things like games and websites. It's always been our goal to help people create things - to make companies, products, and real-world applications. Today, we're one step closer with that. "

Codecademy also offers lessons on basic programming and markup languages including JavaScript, HTML/ CSS, Python and Ruby. Visit the Codecademy site to see all of the available programming lessons.

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