Codeproof Provides Mobile Device Management via API

Codeproof, mobile device management (MDM) Platform provider, has released the Codeproof MDM API that allows solution providers to integrate Codeproof''s MDM solution into service portfolios. The platform acquires device information, policies and app information from the registered mobile devices; and triggers actions. Codeproof founder and CEO, Satish Shetty, commented on the functionality and benefit of the MDM API:

"In order to make mobile device management over the cloud easier and extensible, Codeproof goes one step further and provides API to it’s partners....By using Codeproof MDM API, third party software companies can integrate their solutions with Codeproof’s mobile device management platform."

Codeproof sits as a leader in the SaaS-based MDM industry. Codeproof offers mobile solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes (from SMB to enterprise). Big Rattle Technologies' Girish K exclaimed Codeproof's platform:

"Great product. We are using CodeProof for all our phones and tablets in Big Rattle Technologies....Not only are my devices protected from viruses, I am also able to locate my devices at a click of a button. CodeProof will be a benchmark for providing remote administration for mobile phones!"

The MDM API uses SOAP protocol and returns in XML. Developers and partners can call a wide variety of data through the API (i.e. device information, installed applications, running applications, enforced iOS restriction policy, and installed iOS config profiles); and trigger remote swipe, remote lock, push notification, and app installation. Those interested can read more at the API site.

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