Coding Dojo Adds New Languages and a Corporate Training Program for Developers

Coding Dojo recently announced the addition of the Java and Spring web stacks to its curriculum, and the launch of a corporate training program which will offer intensive one-week immersion courses for experienced developers. 


The addition of Java and Spring in summer 2017 will make Coding Dojo the only coding school in the world that teaches all major web stacks, the components required for web development, and mobile stacks, the components required for Android and iOS device development. With this addition, Coding Dojo will offer C#, Java, MEAN, PHP, Python, Ruby and Spring web development, and Android and iOS mobile stack courses.


Also beginning this summer, experienced developers can attend a one-week intensive training course to learn a new stack in a single week. By continuously learning and expanding skill sets, developers remain nimble in a competitive job market. Additionally, employers that incorporate such training into a comprehensive benefits package can offer current employees and prospective job candidates a more enticing environment, as well as expand the capabilities of existing teams. This program will be available at all Coding Dojocampuses; course options will vary by location based on popularity within the local job market. Courses will include Angular, C# (including .net), Java, MEAN, Python, React, Ruby and Spring. 


To lead this growth, Coding Dojo welcomes back its founder Michael Choi. After attending Stanford University’s MSx Program, Choi now rejoins the company as CEO, helping Coding Dojo get ready for further expansions and product innovations. 


“In only five years, Coding Dojo has helped transform the lives of thousands of individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels, and become a premier coding school,” said Choi. “I fundamentally believe that anyone can learn to code, as long as they have the right resources and motivation. I’m proud of what the Coding Dojo team has accomplished and am eager to jump in with the team to take us to the next level during this exciting growth phase for the company.” 


Coding Dojo has added four new campuses since early 2015. Nearly two thousand students have graduated from Coding Dojo’s onsite and online programs since its founding in 2012 with more than 30 percent having no previous coding experience before attending. More than 20,000 people have taken Coding Dojo’s online courses. Amazon, Expedia and Microsoft are the largest employers of Coding Dojograduates.

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