Coding Dojo Highlights the 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2017

There are more programming languages these days in production environments than you could learn in a lifetime. So which should you choose to make sure you’ll always be an in-demand developer? Jay Patel at Coding Dojo gives you the low-down on the top 9 programming languages to learn in 2017.

Jay’s methodology is simple: languages are ranked by how many job ads on mention the language as a requirement. Not too surprisingly on this methodology, SQL comes out top with over 100,000 jobs listing the database querying language. That’s a 50k jump in the number of positions over last year. What accounts for the growth? Microsoft made changes to SQL Server so that it integrated with R and more than ever business analysts need data science knowledge for which SQL skills are necessary.

Number two in the rankings is no surprise either: Java. The object-oriented language had 70,000 jobs listed, a 30k jump on last year. Jay speculates the jump may have something to do with the growing popularity of Android. The fact that it’s used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies doesn’t hurt either.

The big winner this year, though, is Python, which jumped two places in the rankings. This is not so surprising either. Machine Learning has exploded in popularity and the sklearn and numpy libraries are among the best in the business.

JavaScript is down one at 4. In numbers it’s close to Python but expect it to pick up this year as progressive Web apps become more popular. 

The scary low-level C++ is at five followed closely by C#, which fell behind its fellow C descendant despite a small jump in popularity owing to Microsoft’s finally making it available to run on non-Windows machines.

Maybe the biggest surprise was the return of Perl, which at 7, jumped ahead of iOS related languages and PHP. Jay thinks this has to do with the growing demand for devops. 

iOS and PHP fill out the rankings, neither of which saw much happening in terms of the number of jobs advertised. The big loser this year was Ruby that fell not only out of the top 9 but nearly out the top 20. It’s ranked only 17 this year. Ruby is primarily a Web development language but given new options like Go and Node, the language is losing its popularity in a crowded marketplace. 

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The 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages of 2017