Codugh Pays Developers for Every API Call

Codugh wants developers to directly earn money for the APIs they create. The company is building a marketplace where developers publish APIs. As those APIs are used, regardless of integrated application, the API developer gets paid. It's a pay per call model, and Codugh has partnered with Bitcoin SV (BSV) to make it happen.

BSV facilitates unlimited Scaling and microtransactions, which makes it an ideal Platform to roll out Codugh's marketplace. Developers can set their own rates, but it will likely be a few cents, or less, per call. Developers who have success on the platform will rely on thousands, if not millions, of microtransactions to build their compensation. In addition to getting paid in Bitcoin, developers can leverage other platform features including performance badges, ratings, and user feedback.

Getting started with Codugh is three simple steps for developers. First, developers need to create and deploy the API. Second, developers upload the API endpoints into the Codugh marketplace. Third, each time the API is called, the developer is paid in real-time.

Codugh has not let launched. For early access, sign up at the Codugh site. At the site, Codugh also addresses intellectual property rights, Authentication, and other frequently asked questions. 

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