Cogix: Rate This

Cogix Ratings API facilitates creating ratings for content. In fact, it looks like you can use it to rate anything, not just traditional content such as photos, videos and articles, but products as well. Questionnaires for ratings use their product, ViewsFlash. According to the Cogix webpage about the API, content of the form is sent using HTTP after being modified with JavaScript. As Cogix reports, "This API can be used by CMS systems to publish rankings either live or at certain intervals and can be cached."

The ViewsFlash survey is a portlet that works with JSR-168 compatible portals supporting the Servlet v2.2 specification. It is extensible and customizable.

A web application, Viewsflash creates questionnaires for tests, polls, surveys, assessment and data collection. Forms are presented to respondents in one of three ways: web pages, inside websites, or sent in emails.

The Cogix ViewsFlash Survey portlet is ceritified on IMB WebSphere, Vignette, be a, Liferay, and Sun's Portal 6.2.

Clients include: The American Red Cross, Standard Register, Thomas Cook, Quest Diagnostics, ING, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the career hub for tech called

Run by its founder, Camilo Wilson, the company is headquartered in Monterey, California.


Questionnaire creation

Identity management (authorization of respondents)

Data retrieval and analysis (in excel or a browser)

Integration and deployment (available on the iPad and other systems)

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