Coinbase Announces New Open Source Specification: Rosetta

Coinbase, a Blockchain solution provider, announced the launch of Rosetta. Rosetta is an open-source specification and set of associated tools that help developers integrate blockchain into the applications and systems. Since its founding, Coinbase has preached the need for openness and economic freedom, and Rosetta is the next logical step towards that reality.

"Coinbase initially developed Rosetta as the middleware used to integrate blockchains into its Platform securely and painlessly, and today we’re sharing it with the world in the hopes it can ease development and Integration time for both developers and crypto platforms alike," Surojit Chatterjee, Coinbase Chief Product Officer, commented in a blog post announcement.

Blockchain has exploded in recent years. While its growth has helped the world move towards open systems and financial freedom that Coinbase aspires to, the many disparate solutions have led to some confusion. Different blockchain solutions come with different nodes, wallets, and APIs. Making sense of it all can be a challenge. Rosetta provides a single point of contact for compatibility across exchanges.

Regardless of the use case, Rosetta can help developers build on top of a blockchain. Rosetta provides developers with a single interface with any exchange that uses Rosetta. Additionally, Rosetta can be used to increase compatibility between different exchanges. All the while, funds continue to receive the utmost security as security conditions must be met to use Rosetta.

To learn more, read the full Rosetta Documentation here. On the website, those interested will also find lessons learned by Coinbase as it has rolled out crypto solutions over the years. Coinbase anticipates adding more exchanges in the future so that many blockchains can be accessed through the Rosetta interface. Check out the guidelines here, and discuss the project on Discourse.

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