Coinbase API v2 Now Generally Available

Coinbase announced the general availability of the Coinbase API v2. Coinbase released a developer preview of v2 a couple months ago. After constructive feedback and suggestions, Coinbase improved the API with additional endpoints and new features in order to now release the API on a broader scale. As with many v2 API releases, Coinbase will now start a Versioning strategy for APIs moving forward.

The Coinbase API v2 was built from the ground up with a focus on consistency, scalability, and performance. With v2, Coinbase has now divided its endpoints into three categories: Data API, Wallet API, and Merchant API. The Data API provides up-to-date information (e.g., bitcoin price, exchange rates, etc.). The Wallet API provides user information (e.g., transaction history, user data, etc.). The Merchant API enables businesses to accept bitcoin payments. Other new features in v2 include an updated key Authentication process, date-based versioning, cursor-based pagination, expanding resources, new permissions, metadata fields, and an updated Coinbase Ruby gem.

The Coinbase API v2 uses a modern RESTful structure. Coinbase has provided detailed documentation on all of the new features. Further, the new Ruby gem can be found at both RubyGems and GitHub. Coinbase intends to keep v1 available for the foreseeable future; however, the company hopes that all developers will migrate to v2. Coinbase encourages developers to reach out to the team at Twitter or email the API team account.    

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