Coinkite Releases Tor Bitcoin Wallet API

Leading bitcoin technology platform Coinkite has extended its work of advocating privacy-conscious web solutions for the bitcoin ecosystem by making its latest BitKit API available as a Tor hidden service, according to Nuno Menezes’s article for NewsBTC.

While Coinkite’s intentions to facilitate online privacy for individuals and businesses raises the spectre of illegal activity, the company stated that the API is not intended to encourage illegal activity on the internet. Rather, the developer team believes that this toolkit could be valuable to anyone trying to build a user-friendly alternative to underground marketplaces such as the now-defunct Silk Road. It may also be useful for bitcoin users and developers who operate in countries with restrictive regulations, allowing them to operate a business through Tor.

“I do think Tor might help Russian citizens access Bitcoin safely and with complete privacy. We have offered Tor for login and all user functions at Coinkite since summer of 2014, and we do have many users who use Tor daily,” said Peter D. Gray, Founder and CTO of Coinkite.

The Coinkite Tor bitcoin wallet API will also include the ability to send bitcoins via SMS and email, check balances, generate receiving addresses, and import private keys using the Tor network.

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Coinkite Releases Tor Bitcoin Wallet API