CoinMarketCap Introduces Professional API

CoinMarketCap, cryptocurrency market capitalization tracker, has introduced a Professional API. The Professional API comes after a successful beta test which led to the addition of new, enterprise-focused features. For nuanced details on the API, check out the API docs.

CoinMarketCap's original public API has been ported over as the free tier of the Professional API. Above the free tier, the Professional API includes three pricing tiers. The various tiers were designed to address a wide range of use cases from individual decision making to derivative creation and portfolio management.

The Professional API is divided into four categories. Cryptocurrency endpoints return data about specific cryptocurrencies including price and volume data. Exchange endpoints return data about cryptocurrency exchanges such as market pair data. Global metrics data return aggregate market data such as global market capitalization and BTC dominance. Finally, the tools Endpoint includes utilities such as cryptocurrency-to-flat price conversions.

The API also includes four endpoint paths. The latest endpoint path follows the latest market data like ticker quotes and averages. The historical data path follows historical market data like OHLCV. The metadata path follows metadata such as block explorer URLs and logos. IDE maps retrieves a map of resources to CoinMarketCap IDs.

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