Collect Happiness Dividends Through Community Investment

Piryx offers a leg-up to groups with fundraising needs.  Of course most groups that need money can’t afford to have slick websites and payment gateways. It’s a tough spot to be in since a little technical investment could go a long way toward gathering funds to meet the organization’s needs.  Piryx has made that investment.  It offers a social media-ready payment gateway specifically designed for non-profits, charities, and community groups.  Now the Piryx API can be used by other web entities that want to support these causes.

The Piryx API has three main resources: accounts, payments, and campaigns.  An account represents an organization, an effort to gather payments is a campaign, and payments are made to organizations.  OAuth2 is used for authentication.  This process occurs in JSON, but API calls that deal with all other resources return XML responses.  Piryx has taken the leap by exposing their payment gateway in their API, but they are using OAuth2 for protection.  Exposing payments in the API means that 3rd parties can not only display information on Piryx registered organizations & their campaigns, but they can actually submit payments without leaving their application.  Allowing the full user experience to take place within the third party app sounds like a strong strategy to me.

Piryx may seem similar to FirstGiving, the donation gateway and charity database we covered last month.  I could see a charity iPhone App incorporating APIs from both companies, or any of the 12 non-profit APIs in our directory.

We also list 6 non-profit mashups and 14 charity mashups.

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