Come on Back! NCR's Aloha Loyalty API

While the NCR API data sheet does not provide details on how it worked--you have to contact them for more information--it did outline 5 goals:

  1. Encourage repeat business;
  2. Customer satisfaction;
  3. Customer management of their own profiles;
  4. Better customer service;
  5. and reward customer feedback and referrals with a loyalty program.

As examples of what can be done with its API, NCR highlights these types of examples:

  1. A spending plan that reward customers with a discount on a future visit based on spending a certain amount today;
  2. Buy 5 items, get the 6th free, or two qualifying menu items and get a free dessert;
  3. Reward for visit frequency, a free item every 5th visit, for example;
  4. Points accumulation plan that can be redeemed for discounts;
  5. Discounts on selected items;
  6. And a lottery: give guests a chance of earning a free item, prize, discount, etc.

In addition, NCR promises 4 key features:

  • Promotions can be applied automatically in real time at the point of sale;
  • Rewards can be stored as value on a customer gift card;
  • Bounce back vouchers can be printed to encourage return visits;
  • and scheduled rewards such as greater credit during certain hours.

As a restaurant example, Texas Techpulse reports that mobile payment app developer TabbedOut has its app now working with NCR Aloha technology for restaurants. TabbedOut makes it possible for diners to pay and track their tab on their phones, without requiring merchants to buy additional hardware.

NCR, based in Duluth, Georgia, is a leader in hardware and software equipment featured in transactions in the hospitality, retail, ATM, airline and other  industries.

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