ComFreight Launches API to Automate Freight Bidding and Load Matching

ComFreight, a load-matching and freight-bidding marketplace, has launched an API for shippers, carriers and freight brokers. The goal of the API is to automate the freight-bidding and truck-loading process for logistics and trucking companies. The API integrates with transportation management systems, warehouse management systems, order management systems and other business software to automatically push available trailer space to the market to find matching loads.

"We are working to make the process of receiving competing bids and filling extra available trailer space in commercial trucking easier and less time consuming by offering automated solutions for matching data that our users and clients already have in their own systems," ComFreight CEO Steve Kochan said in a press release.

Freight companies have long relied on a legacy system of manual data entry to match available truck space with loads that need to be moved. Prior to ComFreight's API launch, specific roles were dedicated to entering data into two or three disparate systems to accomplish a match. After integration with the API, shippers and brokers alike can auto-post RFPs without the manual entry step. This process eliminates time to match and unneeded steps in the legacy process.

Whether your company is a shipper, carrier or broker, the new API is designed to benefit your business. Carriers can automatically match empty truck space with loads already populated in the platform. Shippers and brokers can automatically post loads that need to be moved. To auto-post loads, parties need at least one broker account. Integration takes as little as 48 hours. To get an API key and full API documentation, visit the blog post and email the team.

The freight industry relies on a massive legacy network of resources, including truck stops, load boards and data-entry systems. An API strategy in such an industry is not necessarily top of mind. However, ComFreight has already disrupted the industry with Web portals and other Web-based tools designed to streamline communication and data analysis. The new API is the next step in ComFreight's strategy to encourage "Freight in the Cloud."

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