Coming This Week in SF: Open APIs for Government

It's been quite the year for government data. The U.S. released and several city governments have followed with their own collections of datasets and APIs. Among them was San Francisco, which also held a contest. Now, big names in open government data are getting together in San Francisco for a one night discussion.

Open APIs for Government is this Thursday, May 6:

Join in a lively discussion of the importance of open government in the era of open data and open source, hosted at San Francisco's beautiful City Hall. Thought leaders in support of open source technology and standardized APIs will share their vision for the future and explore the power of open APIs through app demos.

Among the promised topics is Open311, a standard to help citizens report non-emergency issues to their governments. We covered SeeClickFix, one implementation.

Speakers include San Francisco's Chief Information Officer, as well as Craig Newmark (Craigslist) and Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media).

For more on the Open311 concept, Mark Headd of explains it in the video embedded below:

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