Commission Factory Launches API to Extend Platform Through Third-Party Apps

Commission Factory, an Affiliate Marketing Network based in Australia that currently focuses on the Australian market, has announced the launch of a brand new, comprehensive API that allows developers to create third-party applications that include Commission Factory Platform functionality.

Commission Factory

Image Credit: Commission Factory

The Commission Factory API is RESTful and data is returned in JSON format, XML format is also available. The API was designed for use by both affiliate and merchant users, allowing third-party applications to connect to a wide range of data collected by the Commission Factory network. Zane McIntyre, Commission Factory Director, says in the press release that:

"We have always sought to offer multiple channels of communication from the very start. We're so glad to finally be releasing our API to the public. The API - as a vehicle for connecting our data to third parties - was always something we wanted to grow in parallel to our everyday platform, but in the beginning we just didn't have the manpower to support it."

The API was also designed with the business models of API leaders in mind like Google, Twitter and Facebook. The company would like to "be able to stand on the shoulders of giants," create new business opportunities and build a developer community that supports the Commission Factory API and platform.

Developers interested in using the Commission Factory API can find detailed information in the API documentation.

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