Comparing the Xbox One and Sony PS4 APIs

When it comes to the competition between Microsoft’s console, Xbox One and Sony’s console, PS4, the accompanying APIs are just as important. Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API, which was announced earlier this year at Game Developers Conference, provides low-level video game programming functionality that will significantly improve graphics quality on PC. However, DirectX 12 requires developers to work with a variety of GPU’s.
Unlike the DirectX 12 API, the PS4 API allows developers to go down to the metal without requiring the use of certain GPU’s. In addition, the PS4 API will have console specific optimizations not available on PC, giving the ability to increase graphics performance even further. Arguing for or against one of these APIs will certainly take place upon release. At this point in time only one thing is clear: graphics programmers will love the upcoming APIs from both Microsoft and Sony. 

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PS4 API is Something That Graphics Programmers Love – Specific GPU Optimizations Will Improve Performance