Competitive Delivery Options For Retailers: Deliv API

With e-commerce becoming more popular by the day, along with the convenience of shopping online and having goods delivered directly, are local retailers in danger of losing many of their regular in-store spenders? Deliv is a delivery service application that aims to tackle this very issue and offers retailers who decide to provide online shopping options, a same-day delivery solution that can match or beat the costs of having items shipped. The Deliv API makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


Here's how Deliv works:

  • The retailer adds Deliv to its current online check-out page, automatically adds "Deliv" in the pick-up name field and automatically calls the API.
  • Delive then routes the delivery job to the to the highest rated drivers for collection and delivery.
  • Shoppers are able to place an order online, choose a delivery option and receive items within 60 minutes or at the precise time and place they requested in the order.
  • Deliv handles all delivery customer support, delivery quality control, and problem resolution.

What makes Deliv a little different from other delivery solutions is that it uses a crowd sourced model for finding the best drivers to make immediate deliveries, providing a flexible number of drivers available to take on a delivery job at any given time. Drivers all go through a screening and certification process and are selected according to their accumulated customer and retailer ratings, allowing Deliv to automatically send the job to the best rated available driver in a given location.

Deliv's API allows retailers to easily make use of this data, as well as giving developers the option to integrate it with other applications. For more information on how to get started, developers will need to contact Deliv directly at

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