Comprehensive Platform Support Including Ruby and .NET Drive Podio's API Success

This case study is the fourth part of our series on 8 Real World API Strategies and The Keys To Their Success. In part 3, we looked at how Philips has used a clear understanding of developer personas to better know the needs of their ecosystem which in turn has led to a 157% growth in developer adoption.

This case study looks at the strategies employed by Podio that have helped the company generate month-on-month growth in developer engagement and in the creation of new products, services and processes that rely on Podio’s API.

Citrix Podio is a composable software as a service (SaaS) option that lets customers orchestrate a series of services and widgets to create their own applications, interfaces and workflows. The API provides programmatic access to many of the SaaS patform’s features and allows integration of Podio with other business management SaaS tools.

Podio provides its API free of charge, and supports developers who are monetizing applications and integrations by building systems that extend the use of Podio in business processes.

Podio has launched SDKs that match technologies--such as .NET--more often found in enterprise environments. Podio has also launched a new marketplace that allows Podio customers to more easily discover third-party integrations built with the Podio API.

The case study demonstrates the power of the low-hanging fruit of promoting developers and products built using a provider’s API.

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