ComputeNext API Grants Developers Access and Control Over Cloud Services

ComputeNext, federated cloud marketplace provider, offers the ComputeNext API that allows developers to access and control services from ComputeNext's IaaS partners. ComputeNext enables users to search, discover, procure, and provision cloud services and streamlines such methods through its API offering.

ComputeNext CEO, Sundar Kannan, explained the need for ComputeNext:

"[W]e've been building what we believed to be the solution needed for bringing the entire cloud service provider ecosystem together in participation....With our transparent marketplace we challenge how IT organizations discover and consume cloud services, safely, securely with a single sign-on and single invoice model.”

ComputeNext was founded in 2011 on the idea that a single source to find and deploy specific workloads in the cloud was possible and needed as the cloud world continued to blossom. Just a couple of years later, ComputeNext features over ten IaaS providers across the globe for users to choose from. Users can access the marketplace through a GUI or the API and ComputeNext continues to hone its selection and provisioning processes to find customers the right fit.

The ComputeNext API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Methods allow developers to control user access, geographical searches, account management, and more. To gain access to the API or learn more, sign up for a ComputeNext account.

As cloud computing continues to grow in use and capabilities, the need for a cloud broker has arisen. ComputeNext has stepped up to the plate, dedicated to helping users navigate the many options in this new market. Although cloud computing has had a democratizing effect over compute, workloads vary in need. Such variations sit at the very need for ComputeNext and its API simplifies such provisioning.

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