Concur Highlights Uber & Airbnb APIs at DevCon

Business travel API Platform Concur is hosting the developer conference The Perfect Trip DevCon 2014 in San Francisco on Thursday. This is the second year that Concur — which was recently acquired by the enterprise provider SAP — has hosted an annual developer-focused event aimed at encouraging new apps to be built to service the $1.12 billion business travel industry.

Concur provides a range of business travel expenditure services. It has enabled an API to allow software-as-a-service providers, enterprises and Web entrepreneurs to integrate travel expenditure and reporting directly into longer workflows that manage the business travel experience, from searching for travel deals to booking accommodations and airport transfers, organizing local stakeholder meetings at destination locations and ensuring that all expenses are properly tracked and submitted.

To highlight the opportunities for developers to create new travel apps and products using Concur's API and Integration platform (which includes more than 80 apps using Concur and third-party APIs to create seamless travel experiences), Concur hosts The Perfect Trip DevCon. This year will see a key focus on new platform darlings Uber and Airbnb, both of which have created apps that integrate their APIs with Concur's travel and expenditure reporting API. This enables Uber and Airbnb users to book such services for business travel purposes. In turn, this helps Uber and Airbnb extend into the business travel market while also helping Concur reach out to the customer markets of each of those platform services. Matt Wyndowe, head of product partnerships at Uber, will give the keynote, while Airbnb will participate in an afternoon panel focused on the business and technical perspectives of API integration.

This year is expected to see even greater developer numbers at the event, following Concur´s acquisition by SAP. Businesses and developers will be interested in seeing how they can use the Concur API platform to leverage access to SAP’s enterprise clientele. (This has been one of the developer adoption drivers for the composable workspace SaaS platform Podio, which has seen an increase in the number of developers wanting to build expertise in using its API as a way to also offer services to Podio’s new owner with an enterprise base, Citrix).

The Perfect Trip DevCon has two program streams: one aimed at product managers and business developer roles and a more technical stream focused on developer education. John Dietz, VP of platform marketing at Concur, says the business stream will focus on partnership discussion and a high-level industry scan of business travel app opportunities by VisionMobile, while the developer stream shares new tools and frameworks available in the Concur API that have been tested through API integrations at Evernote, Ford, Starbucks and others.

Developers and business leaders wanting to attend can register online.

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