Conductor Launches Searchlight Search Marketing API

Conductor, a leading search and SEO technology company, has announced the official launch of the Searchlight Search Marketing API which allows developers to integrate the Conductor Searchlight Platform with applications and marketing systems.


Conductor Searchlight is a cloud-based search technology platform designed to help marketing executives, agencies and search marketers monitor and manage natural search marketing campaigns. The Searchlight Platform provides comprehensive SEO metrics based on billions of keywords, URLs, social signals, web pages, backlinks and search results.

Although the use of social media sites has risen exponentially in recent years, search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo handle billions of searches every day. People also use social media sites and search engines for different purposes; If a person wants to chat with friends or socialize with people online, he or she goes to a preferred social networking site. If a person wants to find something like the answer to the question "What is the capital of Switzerland?" the first stop is going to be a search engine.


It should be noted that Facebook entered the search engine market at beginning of this year with the introduction of Graph Search. Seth Dotterer, vice president of marketing at Conductor, spoke with ProgrammableWeb about Searchlight and the new API:

“For all the buzz and news about social media – modern businesses realize that there are 3-4 billion searches every day, where consumers are directly typing their desires into a box, and looking for businesses or people who can help answer their questions or solve their problems. We launched the Conductor API so that our customers could take the search visibility data in Searchlight, and integrate it with other marketing channels and other reports.”

The Conductor Searchlight API makes it possible for "custom search intelligence environments" to be created and for third-party applications to programmatically access the vast amount of natural search and other search related data provided by the Searchlight platform. The API endpoints currently include (but aren't limited to):

  • Keywords List - Returns a list of all the active keywords in the specified domain.
  • Rank Updates List - Returns the publish periods which can be used in the asof parameter to access historical information.
  • Engine Details - Returns name, country, language, URL and uri for a given engine.
  • Keyword Ranks List - This Resource method will return ranking data for all keywords under the domain.
  • Competitor Keyword Ranks List - This resource method will return ranking data for all keywords under the domain.

Another interesting trend Dotterer mentioned was the rapidly increasing number of SEO professionals (those with "SEO" in their job title or description) as shown on LinkedIn. He recently wrote a blog post that included a chart showing that the number of SEO professionals listed on LinkedIn increased from 249,595 in 2011, to 963,219 in 2013, a 286% increase.

Considering the rise in SEO professionals, the Conductor Searchlight API was designed for marketers with varying degrees of development skills and knowledge and can link to systems without the need for code changes. Dotterer told ProgrammableWeb:

“Modern marketing organizations make their decisions based on numbers – but it’s shocking how many companies ignore optimizing the single greatest driver of traffic to their websites, natural search traffic. The Conductor API makes it easy for organizations to integrate search visibility into their reporting and business making decisions.”

For more information about the Conductor Searchlight Platform and the new API, visit the official company website.

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