Confide Launches an SDK to Prevent Screenshots in iOS Apps

Private messaging app Confide is making the anti-screenshot technology it uses in its own app available to app developers via a new SDK for iOS versions 10 and 11.

ScreenShield for iOS can be used to protect text, photos, videos and documents from screenshots taken using a variety of common methods, including standard screenshot-initiating buttons, screen mirroring, the app switcher and QuickTime Movie Recording. ScreenShield for iOS also prevents screenshots from being taken using the new screen recording feature in iOS 11, as well as Xcode, Apple's IDE.

The SDK, which Confide has dubbed ScreenShieldKit, works by providing replacements for the UITextView and UIImageView classes. Confide says that the SDK adds less than 1MB to an app's size, integrates with both SWIFT and Objective-C apps, and offers complete binary compatibility. It also notes that the SDK only uses public APIs.

Confide originally developed ScreenShield for use in its own app, but with concerns over privacy and intellectual property only increasing, the company recognized that it had an opportunity to make its technology available for use in other apps. It expects developers will use its SDK in apps related to secure messaging and file sharing, or that need higher levels of DRM, but says it's also interested to see what other kinds of applications the ScreenShield SDK will be used in.

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