Confident Technologies: Picture Perfect Security

Got password amnesia? Or worse, worried about your users having it? That can lead to security breaches as people often remember their passwords by using the same password for everything, writing it down on a sticky note by the computer screen, or even keeping an insecure file with a bunch of them. Confident Technologies has the answer--and the Confident Image Based Authentication API to go with it.

A PDF describing the API is publicly available. Client libraries are available for Classic ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java and Python.

Here's how it works: users select categories of photos, like: motorcycles, skydivers, and dogs. When they log in, they see photos from 9 to 12 categories, and must choose the three that belong to them. It's a visual password, easier to recognize than written combinations of numbers and letters are to remember.

A kill switch is available to stop multiple attempts at entry.

The product, dubbed Confident Imageshield, can be used in conjunction with a traditional written password for added security.

In an interesting twist, the company, based in Solana Beach, California, says that photos of products could be used, perhaps as an advertising revenue stream.

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