Congress Exposed via Sunlight Contest

Earlier this month the Sunlight Foundation announced the winners of their Mashup Congress contest. See our earlier coverage Mashup Congress, Win Money for some background. The judges included Esther Dyson, Craig Newmark, and Jimmy Wales. In the end the contest was a success and as they note "Each entry proved the case for more transparency in Congress and the creativity of American citizens if provided access to data." Who won?

  • The winners of the first place $2,000 prize were Skye Bender-deMoll and Greg Michalec who created Unfluence. Built using the Follow the Money API it gets you more insight into the truth of campaign finance via an interactive network map of state level political contribution data.
  • Citycon: Another good contest entry and first runner-up. Lets you find detailed information about any member of the current 110th US Congress.
  • Congress Meets Second Life: One we covered earlier that uses the SunlightLabs API to create an info centers on the Second Life Capitol Hill that offers detailed information on members of the U.S. Congress. Our profile link takes you to a YouTube video of the mashup.

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