Connect With Customers On The Go With The Hipmob API

For those who have iPhone or Android apps and would like to offer users support in real time, Hipmob is a good option for staying in touch with those users who may be on the move. Hipmob is an easy-to-use mobile chat client that works to connect customers with customer service and support, in real time. It's a simple process of using the Hipmob API to integrate the Hipmob Library into the Android or iPhone app, then logging in to any Jabber or XMPP enabled IM client.

Features include:

  • Visible user information such as login information, device locations and conversation transcripts.
  • The ability to know when users need help - Hipmob communicates with the in-house tools, namely Hipchat and Campfire.
  • The ability to re-engage users, notifying them of changes, fixes and updates while they are away.

The Hipmob API uses REST calls and returns JSON. Developers will need an account name and API Key to gain access to the data, and can obtain this by logging in to their account on the Hipmob website.

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